Our headquarters

Zero Stray Pawject Inc is headquartered in New York, NY.  Zero Stray Pawject Germany e.V. is headquartered in Berlin. 


The regions we are supporting:

Mykonos: November 2015 - January 3rd 2017

During the end of 2015 and throughout 2016, we supported a local hotel owner in her efforts to build and operate a private rescue center in Tigani, Mykonos to house the dogs that had previously been under her care. We are very proud that our support enabled the transformation of the lives of these 45 dogs from a condition that had caused the justified negative reaction of local animal lovers, as well as the state vet, into a new life without chains, with food and clean water, no fear of being attacked or killed by other dogs.  After our success in transforming the canine lives of 45 dogs in Mykonos, including adoptions of 5 dogs in the US and Germany, we were ready to roll out to the next location by mid 2017.


Aegina: April 2017 - present - we are supporting Animal Protection Aegina and Agistri

Aegina is an island just a short 45-minute boat ride from Athens. Each year 200-400 dogs are abandoned. This is beyond the capacity of the local shelter.  As a result, many remain on the streets.  Aegina's shelter is one of the best managed in Greece.  It hosts over 100 dogs and finds “forever families” for about as many each year, in part thanks to a wonderful alliance with the German-based “Aegean Dogs” charity.

Zero Stray Pawject is contributing funds to this effort.  We invite you to sponsor one of the dogs for €30 or $35 per month until they get adopted!  Have a look at "our dogs" and chose your sponsored "furry child".  We will send you personalized photo updates of YOUR sponsored dog every 6 months until they get adopted.


A shelter with a high adoption rate, is only half the solution to make stray dogs in Aegina a thing of the past.  The other half is working with local authorities to eradicate irresponsible dog ownership, the root cause of stays.  We are already in the planning stages with the municipality.  In the coming weeks we hope to launch targeted programs working hand-in-hand with their team!